Volvo Ocean Race: Waves and Weather

The tide pulls at the stern of the boat as they make their escape from port. It’s calm now and the sun shines brightly, but it won’t be long before the raging sea sends stormy waves towards them.

Volvo Ocean RaceOver the course of the nine month Volvo Ocean Race the boat’s crew will take whatever Mother Nature throws at them. As they race around the globe they are soaked to the bone by rainstorms, battered by hailstones and scorched by the sun, whilst sleep is over too soon. This is the world’s toughest sailing competition.

Under an ominous sky the waves crash relentlessly against the boat, two unstoppable forces colliding head on. Like all Volvo Ocean Race crews they have to deal with the storm and make the best of it. They push, for every inch, for every mile. Determination driving them onwards, closer to their goal. No time to think, only time to do. In those harrowing moments where the waves crash over the deck of the boat a certain kind of team spirit develops in face of overwhelming danger.

“We will make it!”

The camaraderie is in their reaction, their smiles when the storm has passed; the joy, the relief.

The occasional calm is welcome, yet the crew hungers for the breeze. They yearn for the strong wind at their backs that allows the boat to pick up speed, propelling them forward as they dash for the finish line. On days like this there is nowhere else on the earth they would rather be.

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