Boat Angling

If you’re looking to go boat angling, improve and catch more fish or even skipper an angling boat successfully then the latest publication from the RYA is for you.  By purchasing a copy of the new title you could also win yourself a year’s free subscription to popular fishing title, Boat Fishing Monthly.

Written by professional boat angler, Jim O’Donnell, who has vast experience of boat fishing around the UK and overseas, the RYA’s newest title, ‘RYA Boat Angling Explained’ tackles inshore and offshore boat angling and helps answer questions that the uninitiated may find difficult to answer, where to you start looking?  Which hook?  Which bait?

Split into three comprehensive sections; RYA Boat Angling Explained take a close look at:

  • Safety, Choosing a Boat and Tackle
  • Boat Angling Method
  • Popular Species and Basic Fishing Techniques

By following the tips in the book you’ll end up with methods for reeling in no fewer than 24 of the most common fish in British coastal waters, with each fish receiving its own bespoke pages showing you precisely how, where and when to catch them.

“Jim has done a superb job in tackling the most important questions from choosing a boat and tackle to popular fishing techniques, alongside some stunning and informative illustrations. This really is a potent mix and one that will certainly make you a more successful boat angler.

“RYA Boat Angling Explained completes our popular boat angling series by looking at the skills for the more dedicated boat angler rather than seamanship skills or what a cruising sailor will need to fish off the back of their yacht”, explained RYA Publications Manager Steen Ingerslev.

RYA Boat Angling Explained is filled with easy-to-follow text and illustrations, and is designed to take you, step by step, through how to skipper an angling boat successfully.

Boat Fishing Monthly Prize draw

Teaming up with Boat Fishing Monthly the RYA is pleased to be able to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a one-year subscription to the magazine.

To enter all you need to do is order your copy of RYA Boat Angling Explained directly through the RYA (RRP £13.99, with 15% discount for RYA members £11.89) and you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw

This prize draw will close on 31 August 2012 and a winner will be selected at random by RYA Publications.

There is one entry per person and the number of copies bought is not reflected.

Pre-order your copy now by visiting the RYA web shop

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