RYA Talks Wind Farms

Yachting Monthly’s Deputy Editor Rob Peake put the RYA’s Cruising Manager Stuart Carruthers through his paces this week in an in depth interview on the continued development of wind farms in UK waters and their impact on recreational boating.

You can watch the full interview at and at

Rob Peake said: “I learnt a lot from talking to Stuart and I think anyone watching the video will learn a lot too.

“We covered a huge amount of ground from how we arrived at the current Round 3 developments, what the practical implications of the wind farms are on boating, to what the RYA has been, and is currently doing, to safeguard our interests.

“We talked about some of the key issues including the proposed development of the Navitus Bay wind farm on the south coast, the developments in the Irish Sea and the Firth of Forth and the further development of the east coast”.

Stuart Carruthers said: “There is no doubt that the waterscape has changed and will continue to change for recreational boating. Our commitment is to keep working to ensure that Government and the developers take into account, at every stage, the safety of navigation for recreational boating”.

Watch the interview at and

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